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ALL RETURNING students are required to complete an annual student information update/registration.  This is an online process.  Current information, such as address, phone numbers, email address, and emergency contacts are required for emergency purposes. Please make sure that you have all accurate phone numbers for emergency contacts and physician information.

Parents are asked to log into our Registration Gateway System to verify/update their student(s) information for the 2018-2019 school year.  You will be able to update contacts, phone numbers, medical conditions, and review, download, and acknowledge the receipt of the District’s Student Leadership Handbook and Network Acceptable Use Policy. 

 You should have received your student(s) login information on your child’s report card.  To begin the process, you will be required to enter your child’s student number and a password.   The student number may be obtained from reports cards or your student’s school. The password will be your student’s date of birth in the following format: mm/dd/yyyy (example: 05/26/2006). If you have not received this information please contact your child’s school for assistance.   

Once you are logged in, click “Edit” to begin the update process. Follow the prompts to enter your student’s information. You will notice that some fields such as the student’s name, date of birth, gender, and guardianship will be locked down and can only be changed by going to the school in person. However, you can update your address and contact information. A change of address will require presenting proof of residence to your school before the change is accepted. You will also be asked to enter current medical, transportation, and other information about your student. Additionally, you will be prompted to sign off on several required policies and agreements.

Please remember that if you have multiple students in the district, you will need to complete this process for each child. 

If you have any problems or have questions about Back to School Gateway, please contact your child’s school.

To complete the Returning Student Registration Click Here

 A NEW STUDENT is a student who is NOT currently attending or enrolled in a Chester County School.   The student must reside in Chester County with     their parent or legal guardian in order to be eligible for enrollment in the School District of Chester County.  Parents should click START to create their own secure login to the new student registration site.  Once parents create a login, they can log back in at a later time to complete the registration process or continue.

Additional enrollment information and how to schedule a registration appointment to complete the enrollment process is provided in the system.  You will be required to present all necessary documentation at your registration appointment.  You may also be required to complete additional forms which may include a Home Language Survey at the school during the registration appointment.

A student’s registration is NOT complete until all documentation is presented and processed.  

To complete the New Student Registration Gateway Click Here





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FREE district app-download today!

**There is now a Chester County School District app available for your smart phone.  It's FREE!!  This app can be found in your app store and will give you updates on weather, as well as quick links to district news and information.  Download it today--if you'd like--to stay in the loop! 

The app was created by an outside company which suggests people update their phone, uninstall the app and reinstall the app if it doesn't work the first time.  It's designed for iPhones and Androids only.

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Chester County School District Announces Launch of Peachjar eflyers!

Let's save some time and $!

Parents will now receive flyers through email.  No more paper copies!  Click here to watch a short video.

Parents:  Please make sure your child's school has your most up-to-date email address!


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Rock Star Teacher

Chester County School District’s "Rock Star Teacher of the Month" program has been designed to recognize educators who are making a profound and positive difference in the lives of children.


Each month during the school year (September-May), CCSD leaders will surprise the district's newest “Rock Star Teacher of the Month” with a framed award and a gift. Anyone—parents, students, fellow educators, and community members—may nominate a teacher, and the winner is showcased each month on the district's website.


All nominations must be submitted by the third Thursday of each month. The “Rock Star Teacher of the Month” will be chosen and surprised the following week. 


Monthly Deadlines:

September 20, 2018

October 18, 2018

November 15, 2018

December 13, 2018 (Second Thursday)

January 17, 2019

February 21, 2019

March 21, 2019

April 25, 2019 (fourth Thursday)

May 16, 2019


Remember: ONLY 1 teacher will be chosen each month. If your nomination was not chosen, it may be resubmitted the following month. 


If you would like to nominate a teacher who deserves this honor, please click on the link below:



We look forward to recognizing some amazing teachers in Chester County!

Read to Succeed Legislation

Message from Dr. Angela Bain

Greetings all!

We only have a few weeks until the first day of school for Chester County School District students! Hopefully, all of our students and families have had a restful summer and are ready for the new school year.

We know that students learn best when they have adults in their lives who mentor, inspire and care about them. As adults, we have the ability to make a difference in a child’s life in so many ways.

You may have heard that we have expanded our mentoring program for all elementary students and for Chester Middle School students.

To quote Jon Gordon, “People matter and you prove it through your actions, not just your words.” Please consider becoming a mentor for a child this year. We all benefit from an educated population, and to help a child is the ultimate way of giving back to your community!

Contact any of our elementary schools to be directed to the mentor facilitator for that school. We hope you will give a bit of your time and talents to our children! You can go to our website and look for the Resources tab, then Volunteer in Our Schools for more information about mentoring in our schools.

And for our educators, Ron Clark just tweeted, “As we start a new school year, I hope every teacher will take a moment to reimagine what education can and should be for every child. Be magical! Make possibilities a reality!” I couldn’t have said it better myself!

We are excited about a new year and look forward to welcoming our students, families, educators and community members back to school!

Make it a great year!


Our focus!

Chester County School District 

A Great Place To Grow,

Committed to Excellence for ALL Students

With a strong focus on the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate: